Dynamics know the cause of the bad atmosphere in the locker room?

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Squad dynamics is a new feature in Football Manager 2018.

Now it’s much easier to look at relationships within the club, on the route between the players themselves, as well as between players and managers.

Unfortunately, there is always a hard way to acquire new knowledge and skills, which is – a large number of “enemies” in a short time.

This is what happened to me when I decided to manage PAOK. Simply, some decisions carry more consequences than others. But …

I won’t allow the creation of clans in the locker room!

The bad atmosphere in the team?

There’s no room for panic because every beginning is difficult.

I have to point out that I am 73 days in the club, and in some way, I am forced to use unpopular measures such as fine 2 weeks wage, being stripped of captaincy, left out of the Europa League squad and etc.

It is important to have a good reason for something like this! Otherwise, lack of motivation and absence of discipline can be an excuse for poor results.

By clicking on the dynamics option, I can easily find the cause of the problem or the instability factor. What’s hot right now?

If you look at the picture above, you will see that the current theme is “Eugene Shakhov left out of the Europa League squad”.

A large number of players support this decision (16) but there are those who don’t think so (2). However, all is not as it seems …


It is expected that the manager is on top of the pyramid, and my score is the following: 1 player support me, 17 players have no real opinion of me, and 8 players oppose me. Not bad?

Team leaders and highly influential players have a lot of respect from my side. I’d like to hear their opinions when making important decisions such as the transfer policy, the choice of captain and the like.

Anyone who is not with me is against me! But … I’ll give them time to think about everything well with the possibility of staying in the club.

I don’t want to see sad faces on the Dynamics → Happiness because no player is irreplaceable.

There will be no discrimination in the selection of candidates regardless of the market value (700k or 7M).

Social Groups

Some people like facebook and others like twitter ?. Belonging to a group depends on several factors: age, language, nation, time spent at the club and the like.

The most interesting are those that belong to the Core Social Group because it is the most numerous (18).

This group is made up of players who have been at the club for roughly the same amount of time and share similar levels of professionalism.


This is the key point of the dynamics option because we can detect the cause of the bad mood of the player. Training or Playing Time? Treatment or Management? It’s all there.

Earlier, we had to click on a small icon “slight concern” to find out what’s wrong. Of course, it still exists but I like the new way of working at the club.

What did I learn by exploring DYNAMICS?

First, there are four players that I need to pay attention because they have a great influence on the other players.

Second, Eugene Shakhov is the main theme in the locker room!

Third, I will have more success on the pitch, if the members of the Core Group find a place in the top 11. But now is the biggest challenge to take 3 points against Olympiacos in the upcoming derby?

I managed to win 3-2! Everything is the same as before except for the fact that some players are a bit happier.

This is the first game in the league and I’m glad that I started with a win against eternal rival.

However, PAOK has a fantastic team and is one of the main contenders for the title this season.

The only way to have a good atmosphere in the locker room are great results on the pitch, and dynamics is a little help on the way! Where to start?

Thank you for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2018