Do sending players on loan is really worth it?

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Sending player on loan is an ideal opportunity to gain valuable experience because not all players have the potential for the first team.

Someone will say that this option is much better than the U21 or U18 league?

It depends on whether we are talking about the EPL or the National League North (England). There is another side to the coin …

I will try to explain the system I am currently applying in AS Roma.

A lot of money is at stake so young players have to look for a chance at another club.

But some of them have chosen the B team and in this way they want to attract my attention.

This is understandable because AS Roma have excellent coaches and training facilities.

 How to loan a player

Right-click on the selected player and then select TransferLoan StatusAvailable, No Status, Unavailable.

Of course, there is another way and I suggest you take a look at the following gallery.

As I said, some players are not ready to accept my proposal and then I get the following message:

“Giovanni Lucente is likely to become unhappy upon hearing that he has been listed for loan. It might be worth talking to him about your decision”.

It is unlikely that the private chat to solve the problem. But three options may be helpful in this case. Let’s go in order…

Add to Development List

Head of youth development will try to find a club for the players on the list, and my task is to make a shortlist and define the time frame during the transfer window.

After that, I am not able to influence the choice of destination because HOYD takes matters into its own hands.

Affiliate Club

AS Roma has a small number of friends so Giovanni Lucente can choose one of the following clubs: Saint-Etienne, Cittadella, and Rangers.

I think this is the best option as mentioned clubs compete in strong leagues and the Rangers is a Champions League participant.

However, a player may reject their offers and remain a member of the B team. What’s next? Transfer list …

Offer to Clubs

This would be a desperate move in my case because AS Roma is a big name in the world of football.

If the previous options had no effect then the player doesn’t deserve the green icon listed for loan next to his name.

But I tested this option and here’s the result.

Making Money From Loans

Money is not the decisive factor when sending a player on loan to another club. In the first place is the infrastructure (training facilities), followed by the manager and the league.

If these conditions are met then I think about the financial aspect of the contract.

The formula I use to define the monthly fee is the market value of the player x 0.025.

Giovanni Lucente is worth €33 K so I can expect €825 per month. If a player spends more time on the bench then the Unused Monthly Fee is € 1600.

Developing and improving player

Now I’ll show you a player who has spent several seasons out of the club. It is a quality striker who made a fantastic result.

Unfortunately, he didn’t leave a big mark in AS Roma because I accepted the offer of Arsenal (€41.5 M + €7.5 M bonuses).

Last year’s loan (Cittadella) solved all the dilemmas – 35 APPS & 10 GLS.

Do sending players on loan is really worth it? – Yes, it is.

AS Roma is not an ideal example because everything looks easy and simple when we talk about loaning players.

Lower league club is a bigger challenge but then I would apply a different approach.

Young players would find their place in the First 11, and the reserve options would look for a new destination.

On the other hand, AS Roma is a serious story where a lot of money is at stake, and mistakes are paid dearly.

It’s hard to win a Scudetto with U21 players.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2019