Bury is buying a ticket for Sky Bet League One

Founded in 1885, Bury are a professional English club currently playing in the Sky Bet League Two.

It is one of the oldest clubs in the EFL and The Shakers have a history of which they can be justly proud: 2x English FA Cup, 1x Sky Bet Championship and 2x Sky Bet League One. Sounds like a great challenge?

When selecting a club for my first save in FM 2019, the criteria were as follows: England and bringing a club back to its former glory.

For a long time, I doubted between Crewe and Bury and ultimately chose the second option. Here’s why …

Excellent infrastructure and talented young players are a prerequisite for great success!

In doing so, the league is very attractive (for experienced FM players) and I am sure that the fight for the first place will be uncertain until the very end.

The fact is that I cannot count on a big transfer budget and therefore I will invest money in knowledge (staff members).

Burry’s starting XI

I think 25 players can find their place on the screen of my monitor. In other words, two teams (A + B) and players who will patiently wait for the chance to fascinate me on the pitch.

I would single out some names that deserve attention: Eoghan O’Connell (DC), Callum Styles (MC), and Dominic Telford (ST).

Without them, there is significantly less chance of a positive match outcome.

Where is critical? I would say defense is the team’s weakest point. I failed to find a solution at the position DL/R.

I thought the problem was a tactic, but it wasn’t. When I used the 3-4-1-2 formation, Bury won by 4 goals difference.

Going back to the 4-4-2 lineup, the team looked powerless against far weaker opponents.

Pre-Season Friendly Matches

The biggest test was the match against Leeds United where we were defeated by H (1-3). Still, it’s a club that competes in the Sky Bet Championship.

On the other hand, friendly matches serve to strengthen the team spirit and select the 11 best for the upcoming season.

It is therefore important that every player gets a chance, and that means a minimum of 15 minutes on the pitch.

The result isn’t important but it can affect the atmosphere in the dressing room.

I can not imagine a situation that an “unknown manager” like me, at the beginning of his career, has more defeats than wins during the preparatory period.

Staff Members

Unfortunately, a large number of professionals had to leave the club, and new faces took their positions.

I took care not to exceed the limit imposed by the Board in terms of the number of candidates.

The mission has been successfully completed and here are 16 magnificent ones:

  • Ross HollinWorth (Head Physio);
  • Leam Jowsey (Sports Scientist);
  • Lloyd Mealor (Under 18s Sports Scientist);
  • Cameron Wilton (Under 23s Sports Scientist);
  • Danny Philpott (Chief Scout);
  • Stuart Akerman (Head of Sports Science);
  • Jordan Maye (Chief Data Analyst);
  • Drew Hignett (Under 18s Goalkeeping Coach);
  • Matt Springham (Under 18s Fitness Coach);
  • Nick Barmby (Under 23s Manager);
  • Carles Puyol (Scout);
  • Stuart Ayles (Physio);
  • Ben Mortlock (Under 18s Physio);
  • Chris Evans (Director of Football);
  • Keith Bertschin (Coach);
  • Christian Ribeiro (Under 18s Coach).

Fixture List

Bury does indeed have the potential for Sky Bet League One but I have no motivation to remove obstacles along the way.

It’s very tiring to watch 60+ matches during the season (3D View) – lack of free time. The competitions are interesting (Checkatrade Trophy, Carabao Cup & FA Cup) but cash rewards are small.

I get the impression that all the effort and work is seamless. If I played with my friends online, that would be a different story.

That’s it. If you want a serious test Sky Bet League Two is the right choice for you.

Each match is uncertain, which means that the name of the champion will be known in the last round (my opinion).

There are no easy opponents and a huge FM experience is required.

Thanks for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2019

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