Can Brescia survive the season after being promoted to Serie A?

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I had a fantastic season behind me as Brescia was promoted back into Serie A.

We became champions even though the primary objective was the upper part of the table.

I would say that the key to success is young and talented players as well as their commitment to training. But…

Establishing discipline in the locker room, it was the hard part of the job.

Thanks to unpopular methods, I sanctioned mistakes the right way (Fine 1 or 2Wks Wages) and richly rewarded the best players in the team (New Contract).

I didn’t expect to see Padova in the second place as the media predicted the 15th position on the table.

To make things more interesting they are the only team that managed to beat Brescia at “home and away” match.

The problem is Padova has a huge number of experienced players (average age 27), especially in the middle.

They left a very good impression on me and I look forward to our matches next season.

Which players have the potential for Serie A?

Mario Balotelli is the most famous name on the team so that justified his status as “Key Player”.

He is a player who makes a difference on the pitch – 24 (4) APPS, 12 GLS, 4 AST, and Average Rating 7.00.

Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with his performance in training because the rating hasn’t been at a satisfactory level (5.90 – 6.60).

Sandro Tonali is a great defensive midfielder and even better as a deep-lying playmaker.

The player who will be a nightmare for teams in Serie A!

I am sure that he will draw the attention of the big clubs but I’ll do everything to stay in Brescia.

One way might be advice on a new reinforcement or staff member, a long-term contract, and “weak” competition in the MC position.

Emanuele Ndoj is considered one of the most talented players (attributes) on the team, but his desire for a transfer has changed my mind about him.

I can safely say that I made the mistake by giving a promise that he would be sold in the next transfer window.

I don’t run away from the fact that time works against me because his contract expires in a year.

I think the best solution is selling with the option Buy Back Price

Lastly, I would like to mention some other players who have the potential for Serie A: Jesse Joronen (GK), Bruno Martella (DL), Jaromir Zmrhal (AML), and Alfredo Donnarumma (ST).


I’ve adjusted tactics to the qualities above mentioned players as they were the driving force of the team.

That’s why I chose the following formations: 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1 and 3-4-1-2.

I mostly used the 4-4-2 system but we easily received goals.

I think the problem was not the tactics, but the unknown manager and crazy ideas that didn’t get the approval of individual players.

I will devote more time to tactical tricks next season as we will fight to survive in Serie A.

Is there a big transfer planned?

Honestly, my goal is to keep key players in the team.

There will be no sale of players unless the offer is more than good for the club.

I must emphasize that it is a great atmosphere in the locker room because Brescia returns to one of the strongest leagues in the world.

So I’m 99% sure my team will be the biggest surprise in Serie A.

However, I would like to see some new faces in certain positions (25-30 years of age with international experience).

The problem is money and their arrival is possible as a “free option” at the club.

There is no reason for additional pressure

Board offered several options for next season and I chose the one that is most realistic at the moment – avoid relegation from the Serie A.

It is difficult to explain to players that we have the potential for a 10th place on the table, as the atmosphere in the locker room will be disturbed immediately. You do not need to be more Catholic than the Pope.

I plan to steal valuable points against strong teams such as Juventus, Napoli, Inter, and Lazio.

That means the draw will be a win in my eyes.

I would like to point out that infrastructure works are underway (training facilities) that will allow players’ attributes to develop faster.

It is also one of the reasons why there is not enough money in the account.

That’s it. This article should have been published much earlier, but Football Manager has not been a subject of my interest for several months (private things).

The story is not over yet, and FM 2020 will have to wait a while.

Thanks for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2019