5 Best Desktop PCs Under £500

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With recent technological advancements, you can easily get a budget-friendly PC that will effectively perform all your tasks, from handling programs and files to loading multiple applications at once.

Even better, you don’t have to break the bank in the process. This article reviews the top 5 superior quality PCs you can get for less than £500.

Which Desktop Computer Brand Is Most Reliable?

Microsoft is hands-down the most reliable computer brand.

From their cutting-edge technology to good-performance hardware, it is easy to see why they are a computer industry giant.

You can never go wrong with Microsoft, but if you are looking for reliability plus affordability, Lenovo could be the way to go.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Desktop Computer?

A PC is more than the monitor (screen) and the features you can see at a glance. When shopping, check the following:

  • Processor – Also called the CPU, this is your computer’s brain. It isn’t easy to upgrade once installed, so you should choose it carefully the first time.
  • Operating System – The OS is how you interact with your computer. If you are purchasing an Apple desktop, you want Mac OS and Windows for any other PC.
  • RAM – This is your computer’s short-term memory and is what works with processing power to help you run programs and tasks. It is usually measured in gigabytes (GB), and at the least, you want an 8GB RAM.
  • Storage – Different from RAM, it is where your computer stores data long-term. Unless you need massive storage spaces, around 500GB to 1TB will do.
  • Monitor – This is the screen and is usually sold separately unless the PC is all-in-one. When choosing it, check the resolution, size, and your budget.
  • Keyboard and Mouse – Unless you are a gamer, you won’t need a dedicated mouse and normal models sold with the computer will do.

Can You Get a Good PC Under 500?

Absolutely. While costlier PCs provide you with high-quality services, there is nothing to imply that a budget-friendly PC will not cater to all your needs.

There are currently numerous desktop computer choices from reliable brands for people who want a PC that runs effectively has sufficient storage and good graphics but doesn’t blow their budget.

Intel or AMD: Which Is Better?

Intel and AMD are all excellent processors that are often pitted against each other.

Intel processors provide good CPU performance and often come with iGPU.

Additionally, they are well suited to single-core boosts and carrying out short workloads as they clock higher (over 5.0 GHz) than their counterparts.

That said, Intel processors use up a lot of battery life and consume power at high rates.

In contrast, AMD processors are very efficient and have commendable iGPU and CPU performance, but clock lower (up to 5.0 GHz) than Intel processors.

That said, they don’t heat up when used with speed boost, run longer on battery, and are cheaper than Intel processors at the same range.

What Is the Best Desktop Computer Under 500 Pounds?

Lenovo IdeaCentre A340Pin

Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 (All in One PC)

The Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 is an all-in-one desktop computer that is perfectly suited to daily basic computing tasks.

The main advantage of this Lenovo PC is that it allows for a clean and tidy working space between your PC’s components due to its slim and orderly design.

Furthermore, this PC comes with unique features like added security and Cortana.

It comes with the 3-in-1 SD card reader for increased storage, and has other unique features that include …



Size: 21.5- inch large display.

Storage capacity: 1TB HDD.

Processor: Intel Core i3

Graphics: On-board/Integrated.

Processor speed: 2.10 GHz.

OS: Windows 10 Home.

Processor model: 10th Generation.

Lenovo IdeaCentre Tower PC (AMD Ryzen 5 5600G processor, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SDD, Windows 10 Home 64,...
  • Reliable 11th Gen AMD Ryzen 5 processors, perfect for your everyday needs.
  • Robust storage options for you to keep thousands of photos, music and videsos - up to 512 GB SSD.
  • Lightweight & compact for easy placement in your home, with sliding front panel that hides ports.
  • Variety of ports for your home setup including HDMI 2.0, VGA and 4x USB 2.0 + 1x Ethernet.
  • Comes with USB keyboard and mouse.

DELL OptiPlex 5070 Micro Desktop PC (Best for Home Office)

The Dell OptiPlex 5070 is most certainly the most affordable type of Dell Desktop PCs.

Its portability (weighs only 1.17 kg) and fast wireless networking and Ethernet cards also make it the best suited for home office works.

Furthermore, it comes with solid-state drive storage and a powerful 9th Generation processor by Intel with a base speed of 2.20 GHz.

It allows you to comfortably bring your work home thanks to its upgraded BIOS system configuration for your office system.

Other unique features include …

Micro Desktop PCPin

RAM: 8 GB.

Storage capacity: 256 GB SSD.

OS: Windows 10 Pro Professional.

Graphics: On-Board/ Integrated.

Processor speed: 2.20 GHz.

Processor: Intel Core i5 9th Gen.

Acer Aspire XC (Best for Photo Editing)

The Acer Aspire XC comes with an impressively powerful graphics card and 2TB supplied storage, making it the best choice for photo editors and graphic designers.

It is also ideal for daily computing operations due to its massive collection of ports and other special features that include:

Acer Aspire XCPin

RAM: 8 GB.

Processor: Intel Core i5-4440.

Maximum turbo speed: 3.2 GHz.

Dimensions: 295 x 100 x 330mm.

Intel HD Graphics 4600.

Video ports: HDMI, VGA.

Storage: 2TB hard disk.

Lenovo Desktop PC V530S (Best for Students)

The Lenovo Desktop PC V530S is ideal for business people, professional employees, students, and tech graduates.

This is because of its generous array of port selections and 9th Gen.

PC that functions with a base speed of 2.90 GHz to a maximum turbo speed of 4.0 GHz. Additionally, it boasts of unique security features such as the TPM 2.0. Other features are …

Lenovo Desktop PC V530SPin

Storage: 256GB SSD.

RAM: 8 GB.

OS: Windows 10 Pro.

GPU: On-Board Graphics/ Integrated.

Processor Speed: 2.90 GHz.

Processor: Intel Core i5 9th Generation.

Lenovo V530S-07ICR (11BM0015UK) SFF Desktop PC - (Black) (Intel Core i5-8400, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD,...
  • Responsive, reliable, and compact, the V530s desktop is the perfect choice for everyday business.
  • Packed with the latest Intel Core i processors, DDR4 memory, and high-speed PCIe SSD, this desktop handles multitasking and large files with ease.
  • The V530s offers the convenience of four forward-facing, easy-to-access USB ports, and its 7.4 L chassis fits practically anywhere in the office-easy to use, easy to move.
  • The V530s is certified with multiple energy-efficient platforms to reduce energy consumption. This conserves natural resources as well as saving your company money.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano Desktop PC (Best Budget)

This Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano Desktop PC is well known for its impressive size and price – it is the most affordable PC on this list.

Thanks to its miniature size and horizontal design, it not only enables you to carry out daily tasks easily but to comfortably multitask for long periods. Other features include …

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90n Nano Desktop PCPin

RAM: 8 GB.

GPU: integrated/ On-Board Graphics.

OS: Windows 10 Pro Professional.

Processor Speed: 2.10 GHz.

Processor: Intel Core i3 8th Generation.

Storage capacity: 256 GB SSD.

cheap pc desktopPin


When looking for the right desktop computer for your home office, everyday use, school work, or designing business, your focus should be on which PC will best perform your daily operations.

This list of the best desktop PC under 500 (UK) is a great place to start.

Remember, s less expensive PC is not an inferior computer, and you can get a lot from such a budget save while maintaining your bank account.

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