Now it’s much easier to find regens with the new scouting system?

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I’ve been thinking about the title of this article for a long time and the first option was scouting system – before and after. I gave up on this idea.

There are no easy solutions anymore unless you use dirty tricks.

First of all, I mean the popular website that can be found on the net “10 highest-value players”, “Football Manager Wonderkids List” and the like. I have nothing against it! But …

It’s much nicer when you get a scout report, and there it says the name of the player with the description – wonderkid.

And it’s already a great news that makes me happy.

However, it is not easy to find a good regen for a small sum of money in FM 2018.

Now the scouting option is a big challenge for FM managers. When there is a lot of cash in the cashier (£ 100m +), buying a player should not be a problem.

How it looks Scouting Centre?

This is a place for the exchange of information between me and my scouting team and I make a decision about the next move.

Basically, nothing is complicated and I would single out the following options: responsibility, assignments, recruitment team, scouting, transfer budget, and regional knowledge.

Honestly, I just want to see the messages that have arrived in the inbox and move on.

I suggest you look at the following picture.

Player Search

The first step is to select the appropriate package (senior and youth), and then create a search filter. That’s what I’m doing. But …

Do not think that by choosing the most expensive package you get 100% scouting knowledge. – No!

I would say it’s a database where our club pays a license in order to have access to confidential information. After all, here’s the explanation.

The packages owned determine the number of players available to search through as well as increasing the knowledge level and player role visibility of players covered. Youth packages cover players aged 21 and under.

Here, there are sub-options: ScoutedDiscard ListRecent. The next step is to send scouts to the desired address.

Scout Assignments

My system is very simple but the scout has to pay attention to the little things.

Some attributes must have a rating of 10+, which are: determination, natural fitness, and stamina.

The goal isn’t a nation but a big competition! I think this is a better way to increase the percentage of scouting knowledge. The backup option is the region.

On the other hand, I don’t want my scout spends 10 months in one country (unless it is the interest of the club).

I usually use “wage limit” and “value” because the transfer budget determines the rules.

Why would I look the player who is worth € 15m when I know that there are small chances for the realization of the transfer?

If my goal “end of contract”, that’s another story.

Shortlist and Knowledge

Shortlist is reserved for the best and the first step is the desire of player to become part of my team!

A scout’s report can be of great help because it gives the green light to start the negotiations.

But now I have to be careful when choosing a transfer target! New feature DYNAMICS monitors every move in the club, and I don’t want unhappy players around me.

I’m constantly trying to increase scouting knowledge. Currently, it is 22%, and I would like it to be 50%. How to achieve this?

As I said, my goal is a big competition or region. The next step is an affiliate club that has a good network.

In the end, there are staff members. First of all, I mean scouts, data analysts, and director of football.

It is preferable that they are from different countries …

Is it really difficult to find a good regen?

I think it’s not difficult if you play football manager for a long time. You have your system and you know what you are looking for! But …

It used to be easy to buy the talented players from the opposing team. A few mouse clicks and regen is your (approach to sign). And today?

The new rules of the game (attribute masking) but the system is the same!

In any case, this article is intended for those who don’t have much FM experience. Thank you for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2018