How to find the best coaches for your club?

If you want to leave a big trail at the history of your FM club, then you must have the right experts at backroom team.

Without them, the players can’t offer their maximum on the pitch.

Maybe the big names are at the team, but when the injuries or the series of bad results happen, then breakdown of the system follows.

Therefore on the occasion of the searching, “on a radar” the first must be coaches and quality measure in the certain training categories is the number of little stars.

What do we first look at the FM coach?

Atributes! The main are three: determination, level of discipline and motivating.

The first represents commitment to job (for me). The second tells us that there is no kidding during the training, in fact no relaxation. The third indicates a fine way for getting maximum potential of the player.

It depends on the finances and league it is desirable that these attributes have a grade above 10.

A51 – Caoches

If we look at picture A51, we will see that there are the main 3 training categories: fitness, general and goalkeeping.

In the scope of them it can be found: strength, aerobic, tactics, ball control, defending, attacking, shooting, shot stopping and handling.

These mentioned subcategories require an additional attributes in order for a coach to successfully perform his FM tasks (more the little stars).

Fitness Coaching Staff

The most important attribute is more than obvious. His grade shouldn’t go under 17.

With the help of the other parameters this part of the training gives a team the opportunity to force the high tempo of the game without any problems.

Among others, the injuries can be reduced to a great extent!

The fast attack and strong defense open the door to creativity of the middlefield.

Otherwise, I’m a big opponent of agressive style, regardless of the physical domination of the team.

But it’s a matter of tactics, so that the fitness coach doesn’t have too much influence on this field.

It is expected that he improves at the players physical attributes such as: acceleration, stamia, strength, physical fitness, work rate, agility, jumping reach, balance and pace.

General Training

This is a category which develops the technical and mental abilities of a player. The tactical part is “the matching of all the dice“ where the quality of the team is fully expressed.

That’s why there is no need to save, but it should be opposite to redeem a bag for the excellent FM coaches.

The club which I train, has solid solutions (picture A51) but with placement in the higher ranking of the competition will only increase the number of stars.

Tactics. All my ideas about conquering opponent’s goal fall into the water if I don’t have an expert who has a decent grade of attributes tactical.

It’s necessary to explain at the training which the style of game I force, the formation, and the roles of 11 selected in the system.

In this way, player will be encouraged by the received message with: composure, concentration, decisions, anticipation and teamwork.

Ball Control. Someone is less successful and someone else is more, when the aim is to keep the ball in its possession.

This part of the training offers the opportunity for vertical green arrow next to the following player’s attributes: first touch, heading, dribbling, technique, and flair.

The last is the most interesting because you never know what awaits you during the match or referee compensation.

It is desirable that the staff member charged for this category, has grade above 10 for technical and mental coaching.

Defending. In order to successfully save a goal from the opponent, you have to work on the defensive field – marking, tackling and concentration.

It is expected from the coach to have the certain qualities: defending and tactical.

Then there is space for improving the fourth attribute at a player, and that is the positioning.

Attacking. Preparing the plan for a final kick! I think that this category is very important for midfielders.

In support of this, the fact is that the coach must pay attention on passing, movement, off the ball, vision and crossing.

But in order to perform tasks successfully, his attributes of attacking and tactical must be at an acceptable level.

Shooting. Interesting for positions: ST, AM (R/L) and CM. A pretty understandable category by itself.

Player will improve finishing, long shots and composure. So, the midfield can contribute to the attack with the shots outside the penalty area. But …

The ball hardly finds the way to the net if the coach isn’t technically “gifted” and he has no vision of the attack.

Goalkeeping Coaching Staff

At the beginning there is an interesting situation which can be instructive for the FM beginners. Based on true story …

In order to help attackers, the goalkeeper throw the ball out, so that by mistake, it arrives to the opponent’s player.

However, my defense is set high and it’s almost impossible to catch the attacker who scores a goal.

At that moment there were many better solutions! Immediately I’m upset and then the more beautiful side of the story begins!

The main culprit is the guardian of net or the bug of the football manager. This is somewhat logical.

However, when I rewind the movie backwards, I realize that it’s my mistake. I will explain why.

I train the club which hasn’t any experience in big competitions. The opponent is the favorite only on the paper, and the match is played on the away pitch.

My goalkeeper hasn’t good attributes (decision concentration, composure) which are necessary for this match.

So that what it followed, it isn’t surprising. That’s why it’s important to monitor the atmosphere at the training and to select carefully the first 11 for each match …

How do I make a search filter?

This is an option in which the game begins with numbers.

In the process of selecting candidates, the attributes of the coach have a share of 75%, while the remaining 25% consists of the little things (based on the personal experience). Personality? License? Age?

The answers of these questions make it easy to search. For example, the FM club which I train should directly pay attention to domestic market while at the same time the foreign one is like as an ”abstract noun”.

There are more aggravating factors in the game. Anyway I don’t bring foreigners so easily unless quality judged.

That’s why my search filter is very simple because I don’t look for big names.

Of course, we can always sharpen the criteria and go into the small intestines.

But in order for you to get quality solutions, the scouts mildly speaking mustn’t sleep or be out of work.

Their activity on the abroad will contribute to the diversity of the players’ offers and the staff members.

It’s just up to you to make the right move.


Players’ attributes are changed depending on the results achived on the pitch, the commitment to training and the atmosphere at the team.

The situation is a little different with the coach. Their attributes have space for improvement on the condition that an appropriate license is provided (National C, B, A – Continental C, B, A and Pro).

That’s why this is ideal for young coaches, for those who want to make their own name and gradually make a career for themselves.

It is enough only to select the option ”start a coaching course” and expect a few months.

In the meantime, the star rating is slowly progressing and the final result is more quality training. But …

Don’t expect from any coach to accept your invitation for a course which lead to a license. But unfortunately, it won’t.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to age, personality and grade of attribute determination. If everything is OK, we select the above-mentioned option.

Here are some useful tips for the end. You take care of the workload (lower left corner the picture A51) so that not should be high.

This is a sign that you need to hire additional coaches for a particular training category.

If you bring foreign experts, it’s better to check the adaptability. Sometimes, is needed the whole season for the maximum numbers of little stars.

When you train the club which doesn’t stand well financially, you look for a solution with the competition in section ”Youth-Under 19” and offer them your first team option.

Give the chance to young people (staff » 30-35 years) and send them to go to the course for a new license at the end of the season.

Personality – determination, professional and balanced. These are my top 3!

So much for now. If I remember something, I will do an update.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Translate: Angelina Milenkovic      Game: Football Manager 2016

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