The role of an Assistant Manager in my system

The result is what makes the difference between win and defeat in the real world as well as FM. If you don’t give your maximum in the football manager, the cancellation is laughing at you.

In this case, the assistant manager is required as a temporary solution in 90% of cases.

If the stated position is free, other options are considered. So it’s important that you have the right people and the winning team at the backroom team.

In this way you dictate the rules, and the replacement for a cancellation is a better contract than the board of the club.

How to find the closest associate of the first coach? What is his primary function? Can he manage B team and younger selections?

These are just some of the questions …

Reference or FM CV – Attributes

I will start with my TOP 4 – man management, determination, judging player ability (JPA) and potential (JPP).

Without these attributes and a grade 10 plus, the position remains vacant until further notice. Why?

Assistant manager is the main agent between you and the backroom team. At the same time, he can train any selection.

Therefore it’s desirable that the first 2 attributes to be at an acceptable level. They represent a “good day” in a search filter.

The next item are reports and a simple assessment of players. That means that higher grades JPA and JPP give a more precize number of stars.

As you know, it is enough to click on a small circle of any player and to get a professional opinion. If you need help with training and tactics, then TOP 4 + addition goes:

  • motivating;
  • level of discipline;
  • a combination of attributes for a particular training category;
  • tactical knowledge;
  • working with youngsters (in charge of Reserves/Under 19).

Adaptability doesn’t play a big role here. I don’t say that this isn’t important but it isn’t crucial.

There are more tasks inside of the club than outside.

It’s time to summarize this chapter on the example of my assistant manager.

I would single out the following: salary 140 EUR p/w, 36 years old, continental A licence and good scouting knowledge.

When to give a green light for a specific task?

Taking my playing of the FM into consideration for many years I don’t allow that my closest associate has a lot of work.

But when it comes to B team or Under 19, things change by 180 degrees.

It would be too much that I train 2 selections next to the first team at the same time. I guess I would play one season at least 10 days.

Therefore it’s a better solution to entrust these tasks to members of the backroom team.

It is enough to select the staff-responsibilities option and make changes.

If you are a beginner and this option represents an unexplored chapter, I suggest that you look at the previous article.

Organizing friendly matches is interesting for somebody but for somebody else is tiring.

I honestly enjoy choosing the pitch and the opponent for the preparation period.

Nevertheless, there is a period when everything isn’t going as I planned. Then my focus is the reinforcement of the team and every click is important.

That’s why there is a possibility that the assistant manager takes over “the part of burden“.

Press conferences have my attention for a maximum of 2 seasons. During this period, they provide some uncertainty while trophies don’t arrive at the club.

Then the problem is followed. I almost learn the questions by heart, and I choose the answers very easily.

I would like more creativity in this field by Sports Interactive but OK.

When you want to skip a conference, just select the send assistant option in the lower right corner.

Be careful not to cause a contra effect! Media handling as well as Personality are crucial factors for the beautiful image of the club in public.

As it is closer the end of the season and the results go to my advantage there are more chances that I leave the match to A.M. But …

There are certain conditions such as: safe position on the table, there is no cup final and play at home.

It isn’t nice to experiment on an unknown field. However, I noticed when the team won the national championship that the stands are full of fans.

It doesn’t matter who is the opponent but that the new champion trophy is in the showcase of the club.

Therefore, giving up the “go holiday” option is really the right move.

The goal is victory!

It’s not easy to be a scout

Getting a report of player’s potential isn’t a difficult task in FM. In the most cases, scout is the first solution, but not the only one!

I believe that it’s better to him to leave bigger challenges, and individual cases to members of backroom team individual.

For example, the scouting of “transfer bomb” can be done equally well by the head of youth development as well as assistant manager.

As a small condition I would single out high grades attributes of the JPP and JPA.

If the player’s attributes are perfectly hidden it is necessary then between 2 weeks and a month in order to perform successfully the scouting.

What did I say before and after the match?

In the football manager you have the opportunity to make a critique and/or to say a nice word at the right time.

The team talks option gives you the possibility to display a prettier side of the managemant.

How to motivate the team to reverse the result? Do you express dissatisfaction with the red card at half time or should wait for the end of the match?

Do you praise the attack and criticize the middlefield and defense?

These are situations in which your every FM word has weight. In this way, your attributes (inbox – my profile) are tested.

Therefore, It’s better to rewind the movie backwards only one more time and to ask A.M for help (Reports -Team Talk Feedback).

These are interesting situations in which the mentioned expert can pull the right move instead of you.

At the end, it’s time to explain the role of assistant manager in my system.

His primary task is an additional scouting of player. At the same time, he can manage B team or Under 19 as a temporary solution.

He is sometimes the first aid on the training when there is no real candidate.

I thought that I write about the position of the first man B team or Under 19 in the next article. But I gave up because it’s a short version of this text plus some of the little things:

  • tactical knowledge (grade 10+);
  • personality;
  • preferred formation;
  • playing and coaching style.

So much for now from me. I will write about coaches in FM in the next article.

This isn’t an easy topic considering the number of the training categories and the little stars which adorn them.

I will find my way of searching in order to find the quality candidates. If you have some question, suggestion or remark, please feel free to write in the comments below.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Translate: Angelina Milenkovic      Game: Football Manager 2016