What to say during the Pre-Match Tactical Briefing?

The pre-match tactical briefing is my favorite option in Football Manager 2018.

I have a feeling that it is now much easier to motivate the players and make a plan that will bring 3 points.

However, scouts need to do their part of the job, in order to get interesting information (key players, opponents tactics, etc.)!

Otherwise, tactical briefing works with 50% power, and it’s not good.

And now it’s time to prepare my team (PAOK) for the first game in UEFA Europe League.

The opponent is SK Rapid Wien. They’re a very good team, that uses the 4-2-3-1 but can be far more dangerous with 4-4-2 during the match.

The match is played at a pitch dimension of 105x68m, so their choice of tactics is quite ok.

They have great players, and my task is to pay attention to the following names: Ivan Mocinic (DM, MC) inj, Philipp Schobesberger (AMR) and Deni Alar (AMC, ST).

Pre-Match Tactical Briefing

Scouts have done a great job! It is necessary to forward the received information to the players.

The plan is very simple: pay attention to two opposing players, play much wider and exploit the flanks, less risky moves (dribbling) of the players on the DL and AML positions in my team.

Of course, there are some other things that may be topics of the meeting but they don’t have an “emergency” tag.

As you may have seen, Philipp (AMR) and Deni (AMC) have two potential targets in the next match.

I expect (their) average rating to be below 6.6 at the end of the match.

Surprises are always possible, but I deeply believe that PAOK has the quality to take the 3 points.

I think the key points are “wide” and exploit the flanks.

Unfortunately, I don’t have creative and fast players in the middle that will leave room for some experiment.

But that’s why I have an experienced team! I forgot to say that I use the 4-3-1-2 system and everything works great for now.

This is my answer to the opponents’ connection AMR-AMC because key players play in these positions.

I am looking for a high degree of concentration and there is no room for attractive moves.

Add Scenario

I suppose that this option was most pleased by the experienced FM players.

It is no longer necessary to make tactical changes every 10-15 minutes during the match.

Everything is in one place! We can change the complete formation (on 10 minutes), and then prepare some new surprise for our opponent.

I am delighted with new features in Football Manager 2018! I can’t even imagine how good FM 19 is.

Opposition Instructions

These are the training tasks and final preparations for the upcoming match.

Thanks to the Dropdown Menu, we have the ability to limit the freedom of the opposing players using the following options: tight marking, closing down, tackling, and show onto foot.

We used to have a list of all positions on the pitch (FM 17), and now the goal is to analyze the opponent’s tactics.

Additional settings can be made during tactical briefing, by clicking the “opposition” option.

PAOK vs SK Rapid Wien?

Unfortunately, we lost 3-2 with a player less (36 min). I can not say that this is a critical point because we scored another goal in the second half. But ..

We paid a heavy price at the end of the match. In the end, I have to praise the scouts.

My targets had the following ratings: Philipp Schobesberger (9.0) and Deni Alar (8.8).

That’s it. All that was said during the tactical briefing was seen at the match.

I demanded three things: exploit right flank, play much wider, and close down less. Done!

However, I couldn’t have predicted that my captain would get a red card. Then came a major transformation and a change in the plan.

But there is one bigger problem. I must say that’s a bad atmosphere in the dressing room, and the next opponent is Olympiacos.

I might get fired? One thing is for sure! I expect an exciting continuation of the season.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2018