Amazon Prime Day 2021

The annual Amazon Prime Day was launched in 2015 and has been a much-anticipated event ever since.

This year, the 48-hour affair is set for June 21 and June 22, during which time shoppers will enjoy significant deals on home appliances, clothing, toys, electronics, and so much more.

In this post, we review the Prime Day and everything you can expect before and during the event.

What is Prime Day?

During Prime Day, almost every product on Amazon goes on sale, including electronics, baby gear, kitchen appliances, clothing, mobile accessories, and personal care products.

There are also large discounts on Amazon product lines like Kindle E-book readers and Echo speakers. Some products you can buy during this period include:

  • Headphones from as low as $10;
  • Beddings, shower curtains, and comforters;
  • Laptops;
  • Office chairs with deals from $39;
  • Clothing from Bulova, Anne Klein, and Izod for up to 50% off;
  • Adidas sneakers, polo shirts, and jerseys at 55% off;
  • Smart TVs with deals from $99;
  • PS5 games with deals from $10.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021?

As already mentioned, the 2021 Amazon Prime Day will commence on June 21 and continue into June 22 – a shift from last year’s midyear timeline that was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nonetheless, many preview sales will go up during the weekend before the set date.

How to get the best deals?

One catch to participating in Amazon Prime Day is that you must be a Prime member to take advantage of the discounts. If you don’t want to join Prime permanently, nonetheless, you can sign up for the Prime free trial that lasts 30 days.

This will give you enough time to participate in the sale without being billed. Next, you must:

  • Download the Amazon app;
  • Collect bonus credit by shopping in Amazon’s physical stores;
  • Applying for a Store Card;
  • Refreshing to your account balance;
  • Creating a shopping list.

Amazon Prime Day Deals

Audible Audiobooks – Audible members will enjoy a full audiobook selection at a 2-for-1 Prime Day Audible sale. You can take advantage of this promotion by adding two titles to your cart and checking out with one credit.

Amazon Music Unlimited – New Prime members who aren’t subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited can now join and enjoy three months free (usual free trial) plus two extra months (Prime Day discount) streaming access to over 70 million podcasts and songs.

Prime Video Channels – Prime Video Channels allows members to watch movies, documentaries, and shows from Showtime, HBO, and other channels minus additional apps or cable subscriptions. Membership costs $5 to $15 a month, but first-time members who join on Prime Day will enjoy up to a 1-year subscription for 99c a month.

Prime Student – For students, the Prime Student plan comes with a 6-month free trial and costs $6.49 per month after that, a 50% discount from the original $12.99 fee.

Amazon Kids+ Parents can now subscribe to Amazon Kids+ for 3 months at .99, with prices predicted to go even lower during Prime Day.

Kindle Unlimited – Kindle Unlimited is a subscription service that offers members access to thousands of magazines and e-books for $5 every two months. Prime Day is set to bring large discounts.

Amazon Business – Amazon recently invested over $100 to support small businesses. In line with this, Prime members who spend $10 on items sold by selected small businesses between June 7 and June 20 will receive a $10 credit to be used on Prime Day.

Amazon Wedding List – For couples creating an Amazon Wedding List, Prime Day will come with competition discounts, 2-day shipping times, and a 180-day return window for gifts.

Prime Video – Prime Video allows members to stream TV series and movies without cable or network subscriptions. During Prime Day, subscribers will enjoy up to 50% off on buy or rent prices for selected movie titles.

Amazon Baby Wishlist – In addition to the Prime Day deals, Amazon will also offer a 15% discount for customers who create an Amazon Baby Wishlist between June 1 and June 22.

Prime Wardrobe – Through Prime Wardrobe, you can buy clothing and try them at home for 7 days without getting charged for the items you don’t keep. There is also a $15 saving opportunity for every first-time $100-worth order that you don’t return.

How Can I Save More During Prime Day?

Prime Day prices are already an excellent save, but you can save more by signing up for a free Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

Amazon doesn’t charge any annual fees on the card, and you actually get a $100 gift card upon approval.

With the card, you will be eligible for 5-15% cashback on most purchases, especially those already on sale.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Where is Amazon Prime Day celebrated?

When Amazon Prime Day was introduced in 2015, it was marked in 9 countries: the UK, US, Japan, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and Austria. Over time, it has grown in popularity and is now celebrated in 18 countries.

How long does Amazon Prime Day last?

Amazon Prime Day lasts for 48 hours.

Do you have to be a Prime member to participate in Amazon Prime Day?

Yes. However, if you don’t want a permanent subscription, you can sign up for the 30-day Prime free trial, making sure your subscription includes Prime Day.

Are Amazon Prime Day deals worth it?

Absolutely. When you shop for things you need, Prime Day offers some of the year’s best prices.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Prime Day?

The 2020 Prime Day was held in mid-October due to COVID-19 related delays. This year, Amazon has announced delays in Canada and India due to surges in infection rates. Additionally, the pandemic-caused shortage of semiconductors will likely lead to smaller discounts on electronics this year.

Final Words

Everyone is anticipating the 2021 Amazon Prime Day and with good reasons.

The deals are off the charts, and the preview sales begin on the weekend, giving you a lot of time to work on your shopping list.

If you are not a member, you also have the option of signing up for a free trial and taking advantage of money-saving perks like the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.

Even better, you get credit every time you buy from a small business.

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