Juventus fall from the throne of Italy

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Playing against Juventus is a nice feeling and stopping them on the way to Scudetto might be mission impossible.

Nevertheless, Roma managed to win the Serie A title and delight the fans with an expensive gift.

My reputation is steadily growing in the world of football because I have a 2-star (decent). Not bad …

Before we start with detailed analysis, I would commend (former club) Brescia Calcio who found themselves in No. 2 position this season.

Paulo Fonseca has played on a card of experience and it paid off in the end.

Highest Transfer Fee Received

Lorenzo Pellegrini was on the Manchester City radar for a long time, but their offers were ridiculous.

I simply could not allow one of the best players, whose value on the market is €44 M, to leave the club for a small amount (€50 M-60 M). No chance!

So I chose the hard way. Every time Barcelona, PSG, or Manchester City send an email I click on “Reject”.

I see that we will not reach an agreement because they knew that asking price was €120 M.

Normally, the player is not satisfied with my way of working and the nicer side of the story begins: bad atmosphere in the locker room, team meetings and the like. This all happened last season.

The players boycotted the training but I solved it easily. Most of them were against me (dynamics) because I am ruining the career of a young player.

Honestly, I didn’t really care if I got fired or not. The result on the pitch is important!

And one day I notice that Manchester City are sending a tempting offer of around €80 M for Lorenzo’s signature.

We are far from the figure I am looking for, but there is room for negotiations to start from the deadlock.

We found a common language when I saw €100 M.

Let’s go shopping

Now that we have the money it’s much easier to get the right signings. Preference is given to young and talented players from Italy. Here are some names:

Luca Pellegrini (DL – Juventus €26 M);

Andrea Pinamonti (ST – Genoa €24 M);

Giangiacomo Magnani (DC – Genoa €10 M);

Raoul Bellanova (DR – Milan €35 M);

Nikola Jovanovic (ST – Partizan €2.1 M);

Elio Citterio (DR – Inter €35 M);

Joe Gomez (DC – Liverpool €78 M).

When we draw the line, it is €214 M. My wish is to build a new stadium but it is an unrealistic option at the moment.

Olimpico has never been sold out, since I am the manager of Roma. That is a devastating fact for me!

The fans support the club but we are weak in the field of marketing. That’s why we need someone who will make a difference on the pitch.

The second step is an affiliate club in America or China. The third step is to win the Champions League.

Juventus in 4th place?

Juventus did not do their homework on time. Cristiano Ronaldo, Leonardo Bonucci, Alex Sandro, and Miralem Pjanic are not thinking about retirement, and the B team is a disaster.

Zinedine Zidane was fired, and a new opportunity has been provided to Massimiliano Allegri.

I forgot to say that Juventus missed transfer targets this season. The kids are ok but need to gradually gain a “First Team” experience.

Ambitious goals

Coppa Italia and the Champions League are the subject of my interest in the coming period.

We have become champions but there are no easy opponents.

I will continue to spend money on expensive signings because the B team represents a gold mine in every sense.

Arsenal offered € 49 M for one undergraduate student on a full-time basis, which is proof that our school has the best students.

If I followed the example of Brescia Calcio I would get fired very quickly. Why?

The concept of “loan & lottery” is not sustainable in the long run because now the hyenas are coming to take the best from the team.

You make some financial gain but there is little time left to prepare for the Champions League.

The season starts and you see some new faces on the ground. In doing so, you are bringing the Top 5 players on loan who cannot find a place at PSG or Real Madrid.

You pray to God that they will be as successful as their predecessors. But …

You forgot that you are building a new house on an old foundation. It takes time for tactics, creating a good atmosphere in the locker room, etc.

My primary goal is the Champions League and I must not allow Roma to play poker blindfolded.

I will give a chance to young players, but I will rest the veterans for the grand final.

Thank you for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2019