10 Reasons to Buy the LG gram 17Z90P Laptop

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LG gram 17Z90P Laptop is the only gadget to consider never missing out on in this emerging technology.

You don’t have to hear about this gadget all the time and wonder why it is so famous.

Others are grabbing this chance to have LG gram 17Z90P as it has extensive advantages, only you left.

This product has fantastic workout results on typing speed, resolutions, data storage, and other benefits.

But to get in deep, here are ten reasons why you should buy the LG gram 17Z90P Laptop.

Ultra- Lightweight Laptop

LG gram 17Z90P Laptop is a less-weight gadget that will never add you to extra tasks while using.

It is designed with solid material but of less weight that you easily hung around with or when going to the office.

This means you can add extra weight to your body while carrying the laptop.

High productivity

This laptop is more than what you could see. It has high-performance features to change whichever task you are doing to a professional workout.

For example, it has an operating system that processes any job you command it to do.

You can even view your work on a professional screen display of 16:10.

This screen is featured to leverage your work with more than -11% full-page information grasping.

With this laptop, you can’t achieve high productivity without geared to it, and in this case, a four-way slim bezel does well in improving your user experience.

LG gram 17-inch long-life battery

Every laptop user would prefer a laptop that has a battery with a long life.

LG gram 17Z90P laptops boast an 80Wh battery life of up to nineteen and half hours.

This battery capacity will help promote a seamless performance, regardless of where you work from.

However, the battery life can differ from the specifications depending on applications used, power management settings, set up configuration, and model.

Thunderbolt 4

The feature makes it possible for LG gram users to enjoy a dual 4k and a single 8k display connection with a single Thunderbolt port guaranteeing security, stability, and scalability.

The laptop also boosts productivity granting 100w PC charging USB4 compatibility and next-generation interface support.


The convenience of the Alexa in the gram makes it a perfect gadget to have.

The Alexa built-in allows you to set timers, alarms, and reminders and keep track of your appointments and calendar.

Moreover, the inbuilt Alexa allows the user to control their entertainment and music by their voice.

Power and security

LG gram laptop has an all-in-one power switch.

This makes it easy to log in; simply touch the button on the computer to log in.

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Immersive sound experience

LG gram 17z90p has a DTS XTRA, allowing users to immerse themselves in a 3D audio rendering.

This means you can enjoy a rich and complete audio experience without even putting in headphones.

Moreover, LG gram has upgraded hardware with stereo and smart amp speakers, making them produce a powerful and realistic sound.

Universal charging standard

LG gram features an in and out charging. With its USB-C power control technology, you can power up the laptop while simultaneously charging the connected device.

Virto by LG app

With this laptop, you can fully enjoy the convenience of using your smartphone’s various functions.

Simply install the App and match it with your devices.

Proven durability

The LG gram is made from a magnesium alloy metal, making its body super strong.

Its durability is proven by passing the imperious MIL-STD 810 G military gauge of relativity and sturdiness.

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Reason to Buy

+ Compact and lightweight

+ An excellent long battery life

+ USB 4/thunderbolt 4


Can you upgrade RAM on LG gram 17Z90P?

The RAM on the LG gram 17Z90P model is soldered to the motherboard and is not user-upgradeable. This means that it is not possible to upgrade the RAM on this model by adding additional RAM modules.

Is LG gram 17 waterproof?

No, the LG GRAM 17 is not water. But it is durable, reliable, and highly resistant to pressure, shock, and extreme temperatures.

Do 17-inch laptops have better cooling?

Yes, the laptop has bigger heat sinks and more heat pipes, giving it a better cooling system.

Does LG gram 17Z90P have a camera?

Yes. Although the earlier gram models had no cameras, the newer grams like the LG gram 17Z99P feature a webcam.

What is the best screen resolution for a 17-inch laptop?

IMO 1080P is the ideal resolution for a seventeen-inch laptop. This resolution allows users to see everything crystal clear at the native resolution without resorting to DPI scaling, which only works on some apps.

LG gram 17Z90P Black, Ultra-Lightweight 1,350g, 17-inch Laptop, Long Lasting Battery up to 19.5...
  • Free Upgrade to Windows 11
  • 17 Inch Large Screen, but 1,350g Ultra-light weight body with Ultra portability
  • Professional Display that provides 17 Inch 16:10 Large screen, WQXGA (2560 x 1600) high resolution and DCI-P3 99%, can boost productivity
  • More powerful and faster performance with Intel Evo platform w/ 11th Gen Intel Core processors and Thunderbolt
  • Up to 19.5 hours all day battery life (80Wh) with a single charging

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If you want an extremely lightweight and high performance laptop, the LG gram is the ideal laptop to consider.

The computer has new 11th Gen intel CPUs to boost performance and speed.

LG gram is also made from a magnesium metal used in army aircraft, making it pretty durable and reliable. 

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