Injury Prevention – Physios at Club

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Player injuries are an integral part of the sport, and football manager realistically shows these unpleasant situations.

You can have the best physios in the club, but if you don’t comply with a recipe “prevention is better than cure” you make a big mistake.

In other words, forcing your best 11 in the busy schedule of the week when you have 2 or 3 matches (eg English Premier League). You don’t pay attention to the attribute natural fitness, condition, years old and the like.

It is highly probable that a successful series of wins will be interrupted by injuries of key players.

That’s why it’s important to rotate the players! In this way, the medical team has less work because someone pulls smart moves.

Although many injuries can happen during training. But this can be reduced by a large percentage if the player has certain training tasks in accordance with physical abilities.

Why is it important to have a physio in the club?

Injury Prevention is a primary goal but sometimes the bad news arrives in our fm inbox. That’s why physio helps in the following way:

  • prepares a player’s readiness report for 90 minutes of fighting on the pitch;
  • determines the severity of the injury and the recovery time (3 days – 3 weeks – 3 months);
  • facilitates the rehabilitation process after a justified absence.

Players who have been out of the field for a long time should gradually return to the game.

Don’t think that after deletion of status INJ, the player can immediately go to the pitch. It is possible but not smart! Usually, his condition is about 73% and including him among the top 11 is a risky move.

It is better to wait a week or two and give the player a chance from the bench so that the rehabilitation process run its course.

Forget the previous 5 sentences when it comes to cold and the like.

How to find excellent fm physios?

Very easy if you look at certain attributes. The most important is Physiotherapy!

Then come Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating (qualities of a good fm coach).

It’s good that (reserve or youth) physio has a high Working with Youngsters attribute when it comes to Under 19s and B team.

Foreign experts, who are hired to work in your club, should have good Adaptability in order to “get to know the terrain” (language, nation, league, etc.). This is not crucial during the engagement!

Head Physio

This place is reserved for the best. He must have excellent Man Management plus above-mentioned qualities.

Otherwise, the position may remain vacant until further notice (my opinion). You won’t make a mistake.

What is the purpose of this function? Control of the work of other team members and who will be engaged in a specific task.

Of course, there are also reports (injury and fitness information about a player).

Setting up an average physio just to have a function is not a solution.

How many physios does a club need?

My lucky number is 5. However, it needs to be viewed a wider picture: ambition, finance, the number of players and etc.

Why would I bring 5 physios to a club with 30 players and a budget of 180,000 euros?

On the other hand, I couldn’t imagine myself as a fm manager of a big club with only one member of the medical team in the expert staff. It is therefore important to have your own system.

For example, it’s not bad to start from the total number of players – First Team, B and Under 19s.

Do they have a high grade of Natural Fitness or not? Did the key players in the team have serious injuries?

After getting the answers to these questions, the picture becomes clearer, but there are some obstacles along the way.

The biggest obstacle can be finances (small salaries) and limitations by a board (physios allowed) for the arrival of new experts in the club.

But if the scouts do their job well, there will be no problems. A great “knowledge base” makes it easy to search and how and in what way do I seek physios, I write below.

Search Filter

My search is not too complicated because it contains only two attributes: Determination – 10 and Physiotherapy – 15.

If there are many candidates for the required position, then I add one more attribute Working With Youngsters – 10.

These are “sweet troubles”, but it may happen that there is no solution. Then it is necessary to alleviate the criteria so that Determination remain unchanged.

After that, I make a narrow choice and look at other indicators: years and personality.

The advantage always have local experts while those from abroad don’t have to have a good Adaptability. There remains an option ContractFinalize Deal.

I’d like to hear your opinion in the comments. How much do you have physios in the club? How do you make a search filter? Do you think that one physio is enough?

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2017