What Preferred Moves Should You Pick For A Goalkeeper?

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Goalkeeper is the only player who is allowed to play with hand or palm in the foreseen area – penalty area. If this is applied to the opponent’s goal then it is bad.

He can easily become the captain of the team because the leadership attribute has more room for improvement in this position.

But let’s see what are the roles and duties of a goalkeeper in Football Manager. After that, we can discuss the individual tasks that he can perform in the training.
Some tasks may not be attractive, but that’s the system that I’m applying …

There are only two roles

The Goalkeeper (defend) role focuses on simple and risk-free use of the ball, with the keeper simply looking to play the ball away from goal to an open player.

If a player is not open, the keeper will play it long and safe.

The Goalkeeper will distribute the ball differently between match strategies.

For more cautious tactics, he will aim to clear the ball deep whereas for more aggressive ones he will feed the defence in order to start off passing moves.

This role is only available with Defend duty.

The Sweeper Keeper aims to perform two roles, those of the standard Goalkeeper and the outfield Sweeper.

Alongside standard goalkeeping duties, he will sweep up balls in front of and wide of the penalty area and initiate counter-attacking moves with direct through balls to breaking players


Defend – the player will be more cautious, but will still play counter-attacking balls when they are on.

Support – the player will stray just outside the penalty box and look to play counter-attacking passes.

Attack – the player will travel some distance outside his area and be happy to move out with the ball at his feet.

A Goalkeeper’s Preferred Moves

This position does not leave much room for “player traits“. A primary aim is to prevent the opposing team from successfully moving the ball over the defended goal-line. But …

It is necessary to pay attention to some small things! I currently have 2 excellent goalkeepers in the club.

One is 35 years old and has a great experience, and the other only 20 years old.

What do I first look at the goalkeeper and are not attributes? – Prefered Foot.

If it says “left or right only” then we can talk about individual training.

Usually, the technique attribute is weak and this is an additional sign for the option – avoid to use weaker foot whenever possible.

Goalkeepers have a good height (185 cm +) but also the strength attribute. If its grade is high then I can choose the next task – try to blast the ball into the back of the net.

This task is characteristic for an attacker (Target Man), but it can be helpful to the goalkeeper for the penalty taking attribute.

On the other hand, he can easily find attackers on the pitch if his shot is strong.

What to do when the attributes (passing, composure and concentration) are below 10?

Based on personal experience, there is a high probability that the goalkeeper will be the “culprit” for a goal in an important match.

It can be some stupidity and it happens when you least expect it.

Therefore, it is not bad that the goalkeeper has this task in training – try to play simple passing game.

If he has excellent passing and some other attributes, then these options are my choice – switch possession to the other side of the pitch or start trying some long range passes.

So much from me for now. The next topic is the Central Defender (CD) and individual training related to this position. And now …

I would love to hear your opinion in the comments below. Does your goalkeeper have special training tasks or not?

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2017