Game-Changer Transfers: Partizan’s Budget Wins Big

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Continuing my FM adventure with Partizan has been truly exhilarating. This season has surpassed all expectations, yielding remarkable outcomes.

While Olympique Lyon posed a significant hurdle on our path to the Champions League, solace was discovered in the Europa League group stage.

The ultimate destination?  The knockout playoffs of the Europa Conference League!

Naturally, such triumphs were made possible by strategic reinforcements, both on the field and in staffing.

Prominent Figures in the Staff Roster

For a moment, let’s shift back to reality and mention the well-known names of the club: Savo Milošević, Ivica Kralj, Zoran Mirković, Gordan Petrić, and Ivica Stolica.

As I’ve previously mentioned, Partizan has been grappling with serious financial issues, and the aforementioned former Partizan players have sought to aid the club.

Primarily serving as First Team coaches, each has made a distinct contribution towards Partizan’s commendable performance both in the national league and on the European stage.

This is why I’m thrilled to have them featured as valuable Staff Members in Football Manager.

If I were to start a new FM save without prior knowledge of the selected football club or league in real life, I would utilize the following option:

Staff Search → Edit Search →  Add Condition → General → Favorite Club/Staff.

This way, I could identify former players who might be potential staff members for my team.

Game-Changing Deals: Partizan’s Low-Cost Superstars!

This season, I managed to unexpectedly acquire 3 fantastic players, largely thanks to the efforts of our scouting team.

I set out to have my scouts closely monitor specific competitions with well-defined selection criteria.

Soon after, I received 3 emails in my inbox with the subject “Top Target,” and I couldn’t believe that I would actually succeed in bringing them to the club.

Lucas Mineiro (MC)

I prefer my team to play in a 4-4-2 formation, and in the middle of the field, I like to have two players with the following roles: Advanced Playmaker and Ball Winning Midfielder.

Kristijan Belic is the only player capable of excelling in the BWM role, but he tends to accumulate a significant number of yellow cards throughout the season.

The moment I saw that Lucas Mineiro was a viable option, I immediately gave the green light for the transfer to go through: €700K from SC Braga.

Oliver Christensen (GK)

A phenomenal goalkeeper! I couldn’t believe I’d manage to bring such a player to Partizan; for a moment, I even thought there was a BUG in Football Manager.

The agent demanded a wage of €5,250 per week and a “Star Player” status on the team. – No problem at all!

I was willing to make much greater concessions to ensure the transfer went through – from Hertha Berlin for €725K.

Ivan Saponjic (ST)

Ivan is a “Child of Partizan,” having taken his first football steps in this club. He then played for S.L. Benfica and Atletico Madrid, honing his skills.

Standing tall at 189 cm, he excels as a Pressing Forward.

His ability to retain possession is crucial for the formation I employ.

There’s no fear or nervousness when we compete in European matches, unlike some of the young attackers on the team.

His wealth of experience is undeniable!

We paid Slovan Bratislava €875K to complete this transfer.

Season’s Legacy: Unforgettable Moments and Achievements

I had anticipated Red Star to clinch the championship, but I could never have imagined Cukaricki joining the title race with such vigor, amassing an impressive 81 points!

What adds another layer of intrigue is that I couldn’t secure a victory against Red Star even once this season.

A significant disappointment indeed, especially given the gravity of the fierce derby.

However, I shifted my focus towards European conquests, strategically rotating players to fend off fatigue and secure good results.

Undeniably, this approach has its drawbacks, yet I relish the concept of maintaining both an A and B team (22 players).

Surprisingly, Radnik Surdulica secured a commendable 4th position in the standings, trailing closely behind us.

This achievement isn’t a shocker, considering they have a brilliant tactician at the helm in Radovan Curcic.

Barack Bachar currently manages Red Star (not in the game), and he’s truly an exceptional expert in his field.

This season, I had the opportunity to face Maccabi Haifa in the Europa Conference League.

What pleasantly surprised me is that the real-life system he enforces is excellently depicted in FM 2023.

However, there is also some sad news. I decided against extending Bibras Natcho’s (MC) contract for two reasons: his age (36 years) and his weekly wage of €12,000.

I believe it’s wiser to give Nikola Terzic (MC) a chance.

Danilo Pantic left the club as a “Free Transfer” due to persistent injuries throughout the season.

A big thank you for your attention and the next chapter in this FM adventure promises great excitement.

I’m planning significant outgoing transfers and a strong push for the championship title!

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2023