A New Chapter in my FM Story: Unemployed | OFK Beograd 2019/20

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All that’s well last short. You need to know when it’s time to choose HomeMy ContractResign. I just did it and got an epithet “unemployed”.

I think I made a good move. After a series of bad decisions, this was the only solution. Of course, it’s more positive than negative, but I’ll talk about it later …

If you missed the beginning of the story, these are the links:

Big mistake – Selling a key player

Sometimes it’s worthwhile to risk it, but it’s not always smart. I made a good transfer this time and the club has earned EUR 3.1 M – Matija Babovic ST (OFK Beograd – Anderlecht).

In this way, players’ wages have risen, and the budget received a financial injection. But … There was a small problem.

Players that I had planned to bring, refused the invitation.

Then I started looking for a free transfer – experience in strong leagues. Unfortunately, the selection was weak.

After that, the season has started (SuperLiga) but my attack was never weaker. I knew that with young players (kids) I can not achieve the primary goal – 10th place in the table.

In any case, the start was good! I managed to play against Red Star 1-1 on away. When bad results came, chaos arose!

The atmosphere in the team, it became very bad at that moment and many were looking for a “transfer request“. Three defeats in a row were a sign that it’s time to pack up my bags.

Achieved Goals

I think the FM story is much more interesting when it has long-term and short-term goals.

Limit the time and make the adventure even more exciting.

That’s why I’ve made my little list.

My FM career and results:

2016 – Hired as OFK Beograd manager;

2017 – Winners Serbian Second League Belgrade;

2018 – Winners National Cup, Finished 3rd Serbian First League, Manager of the Season;

2019 – Winners Serbian First League, Runners-up National Cup; Manager of the Season runner-up.

Why has OFK Beograd been a big challenge for me?

OFK Beograd is a club with a rich history and it has a large number of young talented players. Unfortunately, most of them are thinking about leaving after 2 seasons spent at the club.

This is completely understandable because the league isn’t too attractive. However, my task was to postpone an unplanned journey.

I didn’t want the player to leave the team, for a small amount of money (EUR 700 K), and is worth EUR 2-3 M! But … Wishes are one thing and reality another.

The club’s finances created additional pressure, so I had to make a good transfer at the end of each season. It had been working fine until I became part of the SuperLiga.

In any case, the point of the story is the following: the challenge is not easy. If you are looking for something new and exciting, OFK Beograd is the right choice.

But what to do now? I am unemployed …

First of all, I will summarize the impressions and results of my work in OFK Beograd. I’m sorry I haven’t achieved all the goals (some look very ambitious). But … That is Football Manager! Moving on.

I’m sure I won’t manage a club in Serbia because I want to test myself in a stronger league (Germany or England).

Maybe my CV isn’t good for big clubs but the second or third league … I’ll pay attention to finance because I don’t want extra pressure.

But one thing I am sure it will happen very quickly: unemployedemployed. A new article is coming soon! Thank you for your attention and time.

Author: Alen Stefanovic     Game: Football Manager 2017