How to Choose Best Football Boots for Wide Feet?

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If you have wide feet, today is probably the best time to play football. The width of a football boot directly impacts the comfort levels.

Some boots have been designed for narrow feet, while others are developed to fit all types of feet.

Different from the old days when the only choices for wide feet were leather boots for their ability to stretch, most brands are redesigning their offerings to accommodate people with wide feet.

Wide fit boots can fit any feet, whether wide or thin. Here is a look at how to choose the best football boots for wide feet.

Are Adidas Predators good for wide feet?

The Adidas Predator series features classic football boots. The Adidas Predator 20.1 Low is the newest edition and comes with a wide forefoot.

The best feature about it is that it has a narrow midfoot. The boot is ideal for wide feet players but with a high arch.

The Predator Nemeziz.1 and the Freak .1 Low are also a good option for wide feet, both of which feature a central lacing for more optimum adjustability.

They have a softer Prime knit upper and a larger overall volume for wider feet.

Overall, the Adidas Predators are suitable for wide feet.

Which Nike boots are best for wide feet?

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 is one of the best football boots for wide feet when it comes to Nike.

As with most leather boots, the upper of the boot mould greatly around most foot types, including the people with wide feet.

Despite featuring a Fly knit midfoot tunnel and Quad fit sleeve, the Tiempo Legend doesn’t feel restrictive due to the softness of the inner layers.

However, if you are searching for a knitted boot, the Phantom GT is the best option.

The Phantom GT is developed from the original Nike Hypervenom, which is already wide to start with.

This Nike model does not have high-tenacity yarns that support the Mercurial, which gives it more flexibility and stretch, ideal for wide feet.

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Should I buy football boots a size bigger?

The old principle of getting a shoe that leaves space enough to fit a thumb does not apply to football boots.

Generally, your football boots should fit securely without being too tight and should leave sufficient space to jiggle your toes.

The boots should fit your feet as tight as possible while still being comfortable.

It is you to decide how much free space is comfortable to leave, but 4-7 millimetres should be appropriate.

A size that leaves a larger space than that will be too much.

How do I know my football shoe size?

When buying a pair of football boots, it is essential to purchasing the right size.

Too big or too small will be uncomfortable, but the perfect size will make playing football even more fun. But how do I know my football shoe size?

To be sure about my football shoe size, you can stand on a ruler and measure the length and width of my feet at home.

For length, you will measure from the heel to the longest toe, and for the width, you will measure the widest part of your foot.

From there, you will be required to check the shoe size chart of the particular brand you want to purchase from because size tends to fluctuate.

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22.994.537 1/35
23.49.25385.5 2/36
24.19.5639 1/36.5
24.99.8740 2/37.5
25.4107.541 1/38
26.410.48.542 2/39
26.710.5943 1/39.5
27.710.91044 2/310.5
27.91110.545 1/311
28.711.311.546 2/312
29.211.51247 1/312.5
30.211.91348 2/313.5
30.51213.549 1/314
31.512.414.550 2/315
32.312.71551 1/316

Is it better to run in cleats or shoes?

Although some people consider it difficult to run in cleats, it is not that difficult.

If you are having a training session in a grass field, cleats are the best option.

They are a bit heavier, but you will run just as fast in cleats as in shoes with practice. The studs also offer enhanced agility.

However, if you will be doing track running for long-distance or changing surfaces, you should opt for running shoes.

Do I require wide football boots?

You might be amazed to know how many players are uncomfortable on the field for failing to recognize they have a wide foot.

Trust me, having blisters will soon make you know if you require to get wide-fitting boots.

If you are not sure whether you require wide football boots, you need to measure the width and length and width of your foot and cross-check with a width measurement chart.

However, the best way is to wear to feel how the boot fits.

Select football boots that are best for your feet width and length, budget, desired look and even position in football.

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